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SEO Training Course by Balaji IngoleSearch Engine Optimization is an extremely competent and efficient feature that must be inculcated as a strong strategy to popularize your marketing ventures even further. It is very essential to have SEO-friendly content in order to make your content more accessible on the major search engines.

There are certain ways to make your content SEO-friendly. Certain strategies and steps that must be followed precisely in order to be good at producing SEO-friendly content, and for that, there are various SEO training courses. These courses provide you with professional training in order to improve your skills pertaining to Search Engine Optimization.

If you are looking for an article that will provide you with the information regarding Search Engine Optimization and the best SEO related courses, you at the right place. This article will offer you the list of the best free as well as paid courses pertaining to Search Engine Optimization training. So, here we go! 


SEO, or as it is commonly known, Search Engine Optimization is a very efficient way of getting traffic from the free, editorial, organic and natural search results that people make, on various search engines. Basically, it is a method of increasing the quality as well as the quantity of traffic that goes to your website through the natural search engine results. The famously known, major search engines such as Google or Bing have their respective primary search results in which the web pages, as well as the other content such as images, information on various topics, videos or local listing, are displayed and ranked, depending on their relevancy to the users according to the search engine. This rank cannot be achieved through payment and purely needs to be earned through SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization is solely about attracting and gaining the most possible visitors that is people who are not just randomly surfing through different websites. The focus is mainly on people who are visiting the stipulated website specifically for its content, the ones who are really interested in the material that is to be sold. These special users who are only interested in the specific content of your website become the quality part of your SEO visitors. However, for successful SEO, you also require quantity. In this case, you will only require the maximum possible clicks on your search engine results since that will cause more traffic thereby being beneficial for you. These clicks can be as random as possible and need not be of people specifically looking for a certain product or a certain result but randomly surfing through pages. This would be the quantity aspect. Both quality and quantity combine for a successful SEO. SEO is an essentially significant concept because it enables the brands to get more visibility to their websites as well as their products, with almost negligible costs if you compare it to PPC expenses. Investment in SEO might not be guaranteeing you a good result but it is purely focused on the future and therefore works in the direction of making your website or product as fine as possible.


Search Engine Optimization is taught through various courses in order to gain proficiency in the subject. The SEO training courses are often certified programs that enable you to gain in-depth knowledge pertaining to the varied aspects of Search Engine Optimization. For people interested in learning about SEO and its aspects, there are a number of courses available, that focus on Off-Page SEO, some are specialized in On-Page SEO, while other courses that emphasize on ways to create the best and the most efficient keyword research strategy that will help you become even more proficient in your SEO buck strategies. Getting a course done in SEO training will add an additional educational certification which will surely be a beneficial experience and will help you learn a lot of things. SEO certifications are an in-depth study that focuses on varied aspects of the concept of SEO and is often advanced in its level of study since it aims at transforming the newbie beginners into experts in the concerned field. These courses are profoundly designed in order to develop the skills of the beginners that will train them in immensely improving the search engine rankings, optimizing for specific targeted keywords, and even increasing the overall website traffic. These courses provide a thorough knowledge and training pertaining to the subject and make the trainees really good in the professional world where concepts like SEO are very significant in their daily work. It helps them to build proper SEO focused content, thereby allowing it to be viewed by more visitors, thus serving the purpose of having their content published. 


Search Engine Optimization is definitely an essential requirement if you have to write or deal with websites, and to make you efficient with SEO there are various training courses available that will definitely play a role in making you proficient in the subject. SEO training is not something that you can acquire once, and you will never unlearn it. In fact, SEO is a complex ensemble of various techniques and methodologies that are specially engineered to help you create content that is perfectly tuned and prepared to be presented and judged by significant search engines such as Google. Google is a huge platform for all kinds of content and it is constantly releasing new guidelines, algorithms as well as rules to judge such content. That is why the experts in this field also simultaneously keep changing their approach in order to adapt to the new rules and guidelines of Google and make sure that they follow in the limits of the algorithm. These experts want to make sure that SEO does not become an obsolete science and for that they work towards setting new SEO related rules every year. Since these rules and regulations are quite frequently updated, it might not be easy to keep up with the constant amendments, and that is why these training courses are essential to help you keep up with the changes. And since SEO is such an important aspect of many career options, it is always advisable to stay updated regarding the changing norms and regulations. 


Here is a list of the best free as well as paid training courses for Search Engine Optimization, you may opt for the one that offers services that are best suited for you. 

  1. SEO- Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites by 

Udemy: Udemy provides a great opportunity for you to learn an extensive range of concepts through this complete SEO training course. An added benefit is the extremely affordable price of this course. This course will teach you how to be proficient with SEO and how to rank 1st on the Google search engine with WordPress. This course will basically make you a master of SEO, and you will successfully be able to bring even more free traffic from various search engines. If you take this course you will become an expert at SEO concepts and will easily be able to increase the traffic on your website through improving your skills of using the specific targeted keywords. Although this is an SEO training course, there are certain requirements that you must meet, only then you will be eligible for this course. You are required to know the basics of SEO and in order to be able to use plugins, you will need a WordPress website. If you are able to fulfill these requirements, then you are good to go. 

This course costs 199.99 euros, which is quite reasonable considering all the services that it offers. This course has the following aspects that the total course price inculcates- – Full Lifetime access – 9.5 hours of on-demand videos – 21 articles – Relevant assignments – A legit Certificate of Completion. 

  1. SEO Training Course by Moz: 

Moz is well-known and extremely reliable when it comes to SEO knowledge, and so it offers SEO training courses in abundance. There is a varied range of classes available for learning Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, SEO website audits, Link building and development, SEO Reporting. If all these options still don’t give you what you desire, then you may also opt for the Customized SEO training option. In the Customized SEO Training option, you get to build an SEO team and Moz will design an amazing customized training schedule for the team. This provides you with an opportunity to have multi-day training events that are presented through webinars or delivered live at Moz’s headquarters. As we saw, there are so many options regarding SEO training courses, and that is why the prices also vary depending on the courses and what they offer. The starting price of the most basic course is $99, and as the highest costing course has its price at $595. You may choose the most suited course for yourself and depending on the course that you opt for, the price will be decided. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization by Coursera: 

Coursera is a website that provides a wide array of courses on all the topics that you can think of. So, obviously it also offers courses pertaining to SEO too. The SEO specialization course that Coursera offers is designed by the University of California Davis. This course trains or teaches you to optimize the content on the website in order to make sure that you reach the best ranking possible on the various search engines. This course inculcates the teaching of algorithms of various search engines such as Google, Bing, and the other relatively less popular ones too. This SEO specialization course is further bifurcated into six courses, they are; – Introduction to Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals – Optimizing a Website for Search – Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO – Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Website Optimization Client Report Project These courses last for 4 weeks on an average and for 1 to 3 hours per week. However, some courses might take up 6 weeks and even demand more study hours depending on the topics that are covered in the respective courses. This is highly beneficial since you are able to learn online, where an in-depth study of the speculated topic is done and the course is offered by a highly reputable university. 

The prices of these courses vary depending on the course and the course matter. However, irrespective of what the prices are, it is highly advantageous since you get to study hard, as per the time that is convenient for you and from an extremely reputable source. Therefore, it is advisable to take up these courses, study hard, take efforts to learn what is taught, and as a result, you will become a master of SEO with legitimate certificates. 

  1. Traffic Think Tank: 

Traffic Think Tank is an extremely exclusive community that offers wonderful SEO training courses that are hosted by the well-known messaging app called Slack. This premium community allows you to gain access to an array of process content, videos, webinars, a variety of templates, and a number of amazing tools that are absolutely free. Traffic Think Tank also provides access to Nick Eubanks, Ian Howells, and Matt Barby who are masters of SEO. The plus point for this course is that it enables you to attain knowledge from SEOs who perform this kind of work regularly on a daily basis. This covers a wide range of content pertaining to SEO. Therefore, this course will provide you with- – Answers pertaining to SEO from experts. – Efficient techniques, strategies, and tactics. – You will learn the scalable processes that will boost your SEO results. – Special members-only resources will be accessible to you. The payment of this course can be done in two methods, you may make a monthly payment of $119, or opt for a yearly payment of $1,190. 

  1. SEO Training by Gotch Academy: 

Gotch academy is a training platform that offers a wide range of courses related to SEO with multiple choices to choose from. The White Hat SEO Mastery training course is the most popular, most opted course of Gotch Academy. This course portrays the White Hat SEO strategy, that teaches businesses how to execute an efficient content-centric strategy. The course covers everything, right from the basics up to the advanced strategies. This course begins with ‘The Foundation’ which is the first module and it covers the technical optimization aspects and also the UX optimization. The next module will teach you how to find the specific keywords, qualify the keywords, and then focuses on how to create content that is centric to the qualified keywords. The third module concentrates on how to link acquisition and content promotion. And the fourth module focuses on the more advanced tactics that can be used in order to amplify the organic search traffic growth for your website. White Hat SEO Mastery provides the opportunity of keeping the SEO execution of your specific business in-house, instead of hiring agency experts to do the job for you which will be a much expensive option. Hence, it is advisable to opt for this course as it covers everything you need to know about SEO right from basic to advanced level tactics, and that is what makes this course a highly recommended course. There are two payment options available if you opt for this course- you can make a one-time payment of $997 or you could even pay the course fees in 5 installments, each installment costing $297. 


Hope this article gave you the required information pertaining to SEO training courses. Amongst the plethora of courses related to SEO that are offered, you may opt for the one that is best suited for your requirements, the one that covers all the necessary knowledge that you wish to learn. We have presented you with details regarding the best courses available for SEO training. Weight all the aspects of these courses individually and choose wisely. Good luck with your SEO learning endeavor!